France Work Visa Fees Tourist, Spouse, Short Term, Long Term, How to Apply

France work visa for Indian, France work visa types, France work visa cost, France visa fees 2023, France work visa requirements, job seeker visa France, France work visa application form, France visa fee for six months, long-stay work visa France, France visa fees for Indian students and other information is given in this article. We have provided important information about the France visa application process and interview test for students considering going to France for higher studies.

France Work Visa

Many people in India have a dream, but in the whole world, everyone has a vision of going to France to study, get a job, or travel; everyone wants to apply to study or travel in France. The French government grants long-term work visas to individuals who plan to live and work in France for more than three months. To obtain a French work visa, every applicant must meet the criteria and requirements set by the authorities.

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Since France is a member of the European Union, in such a situation, whoever applies for a job in France gets equal opportunities to get a job in France and the other 26 nations. Which we also know as Schengen Visa.

You can apply through any agent, but approval will be done only by the French Embassy. The visa fee may depend on the length of your stay in the country. All the necessary information related to a France visa is provided in the article. Be sure to read the article thoroughly.

In this article, to help you, we have provided all the necessary details regarding visa fees for tourists, students, spouses, and short-term and long-term. To apply for a visa, you may need to show some funds in your bank account for various security purposes. People can often take study loans and repay them over a fixed period.

If you follow a thorough plan, you may find it easier to get your visa approved. To apply for a visa, you must submit your proper documents and meet all the criteria. You must read this article to collect all the visa requirements and fee structure details.

France Visa Application Fees – Overview

Name of The ArticleFrance Visa Fees
Country United Kingdom 
Visa types Spouse, Students, Tourists
Tenure of visa Short term and long term 
Application process Mentioned below 
Documents needed Passport, Aadhar card, bank details and other details 
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Everyone dreams of going to France to study or do a job, but due to money, a special visa, or any other reasons, they cannot go, and everyone Googles how to apply for a France visa. They cannot get enough content, but we have provided you with complete information about France fees and required documents for a passport in the article.

France Work Visa Fees

Students France Visa Fee Structure

We have explained the Students France Visa Fee for students considering studying in France.

France Post Study Work Visa costs EUR 50 (4,315 INR) for students applying for Bachelor/ Master/ Research courses. The fee remains the same whether you are applying for a dual degree course or attending a student exchange course. After this, you will also have to pay a visa processing fee, which costs 50 Euros (Rs 4,315), and a VFS service fee, which amounts to Rs 1,467 (taxes included).

Visa typeFee (Euro)Fee (INR)
Airport transit604,412
Ordinary Transit (Short Term)604,412
Student Visa (Long Term)503,676
long stay  997,279
Children Short Stay (Between 6 to 12 years)352,574
For citizens of African countries604,412
Department d’outre-mer604,412
Territoire d’outre-mer9662

Eligibility for France Work Visa

The required qualifications for France work visa are given below:

  • The applicant must have a valid passport.
  • There should be proof that the applicant has a job in France, such as an offer letter.
  • All Important documents listed on the application form must be submitted.
  • Applicants are only authorized to work within the scope of working hours written in their work permit and are not allowed to work beyond that period.

How to get a France work visa?

Below are the essential points related to how to get a France work visa:

  • The first step to applying for a work visa in France is to find out what type of work permit you will need based on your job and the time you will be working there.
  • After getting a work permit, you have to apply. For France Visa, the application form must be filled out, and all the required documents must be collected.
  • After completing the form, you will be asked to submit your documents and biometrics to the Visa Application Center.
  • Submit your application after completing the France work visa application and meeting all the conditions. You must submit your biometrics information on your appointment in VAC (Fingerprint and Digital Photograph).
  • Finally, you have to wait for your visa to be approved.

Documents Required for VLT-TS application

  • For stays more than 90 days, fill out the Extended Stay Form.
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Certified copy of your passport
  • France ID number
  • Registration letter of educational institution
  • A cover letter outlining the research proposal, as well as a CV/resume, is required.
  • Proof of Finance – Tuition fee + 615 EUR (53,080 INR) per month for the entire academic semester
  • Health certificate for France visa
  • Proof of French residence (lease, bill or hotel booking receipt)
  • Complete information about your course
  • All educational documents should be photocopied.

France Work Visa Documents Checklist

  • A valid passport, which is valid for at least three months after applying for the visa
  • Hardcopies of first page and last page of passport
  • Complete the application form to apply for a visa.
  • Photocopies of all educational certificates
  • Reference letter from previous company
  • Recently clicked passport-size colour photographs.
  • Received offer letter from company
  • Professional LOR received from the previous company
  • A detailed description of the type of work the candidate will perform in France

How To Apply for France Visa?

How to get a France Visa: To apply for this, you have to apply for a France visa through an online medium. You can easily apply for France visa by following the guidelines given below-

  • To study in France, students must first decide on a college/university and field of study.
  • Collect information about higher education institutions, courses, cost of study, quality of universities/institutions and degrees and subsidies.
  • You can apply for a visa online.
  • After this, get the visa form for the country you want to visit.
  • After this, fill out the form correctly.
  • After completing the form correctly, attach copies of all the required documents.
  • After this, all your documents are checked by the government official.
  • After checking the documents, your house is also checked for further processing.
  • After completing all these checks, you are provided with a foreign visa.

If My Visa is Rejected can I Apply Again

Many times, visa applications also get rejected; some of the reasons are given below-

  • Any wrong information has been given in the application.
  • The applicant should have any criminal record or any case pending against him.
  • His image or relations may need to be better in his own country.
  • He wishes to settle in the country and has yet to apply for an immigrant or work visa.
  • The person seeking a visa must not have a valid reason for travelling.
  • There should be no legitimate and legal source of income.
  • There should be no arrangement to stay in the country where he is going.
  • Do not have health or travel insurance for travel and stay in another country (sometimes).
  • I must have applied for a visa at concise notice.

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